How to Decorate a TV Stand [Helpful Guide]

Whether you’re in need of a new TV stand or you simply want to change the look of your current television, you can easily achieve the look you desire with some simple tips. Before you know it, your TV stand will have the same look as your other furniture and decor.


Whether you’re shopping for your first TV stand or you’re redoing your existing one, a Displate can help make your new space more functional and interesting. These magnet-mounted metal prints are durable and easily mounted. You can also choose a variety of styles and finishes.

For example, there are Displates that feature starry night scenes. You can even get one that features a Saturn. You can also order an abstract poster.

The website has a great selection of prints, and it’s easy to browse by category, artist, or color. The site also has a “Get Inspired” section. You can find a Displate based on your style, budget, and space.

The site’s main goal is to provide art discovery. This includes a “best of” section, an arts and crafts shop, and a blog. You can also learn about the company’s sustainability efforts. For each print sold, the company plants 10 trees. The trees will probably number more than the numbers at the end of this article.


Adding decorative books to decorate a TV stand can help you fill empty space in your living room and create a focal point. Books are also inexpensive and add personality to your decor. You can group a few books for a simple vignette or stack books vertically for a more intentional look. You can also use books to create a bedside table or small reading nook.

You can display books on your TV stand, or you can place them on your bookshelves. Decorative books are also a great conversation starter. You can find books with titles that reflect your interests and hobbies, or you can display books that are just pretty to look at.

Depending on the style of your room, you can use different colors to create a more welcoming environment. You can create a monochromatic look by grouping similar-colored books together, or you can add a splash of color with a rainbow bookshelf. Keeping the colors within the range of your color wheel helps to create a cohesive domain.

You can also add family photos to your TV console. You can print out or frame your favorite images. Creating a framed picture can give your TV console a more homey feel.

You can also display sculptures on your console. You can add a variety of shapes and sizes, including wood and plastic. You can even add a statue of a favorite family member to add an additional level of meaning to your decor.

Another great way to decorate your TV console is with wall shelf decor. You can paint the trim of your television stand or keep it natural. You can also purchase a decorative holder to hold magazines or remote controls.


Adding plants to decorate a TV stand can give your living room a fresh new look. Not only are they a natural light source, but they can also help improve the air quality of your home. They can come in all shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of options.

The most alluring setup should include decor elements that vary in height, introduce texture, and add visual interest. You can do this by choosing contrasting colors or decor items that differ in shape.

One of the simplest ways to add a touch of flair to your TV stand is to place a flower in a vase. They are easy to care for and will add a touch of color. They are also an inexpensive way to get the job done.

For a more sophisticated look, consider displaying a piece of art on the top of your TV stand. You can use a simple canvas or print out a family photo. You can also display a clock to keep track of time.

Decorative Trays

Decorative trays for TV stands can make your TV console look beautiful. They can also hold drinks, remote controls, and magazines. They come in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes. Whether you’re trying to create a contemporary aesthetic or you want a rustic home, these ideas can help you get the look you’re after.

If you’re decorating around a television, you should be careful to choose items that don’t block your view. This means avoiding traditional shapes. Try opting for pieces with curved or geometric edges. The curvature will soften the room, keeping it from looking too empty.

Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall around your TV is an easy way to add interest to a room. It can also provide a place for your eyes to rest.

First, determine which wall is best for your TV. This is often the largest wall in the room. Fill the space with books, art, or other accessories.

Next, pick out a unifying theme. It could be a color scheme, art style, or even frame material. A good design looks intentional.

A gallery wall around your TV should be balanced and symmetrical. It’s not a great idea to have a bunch of dark or bright pieces competing with each other.

A better approach is to use neutral frames. A black and white framed wall is a good example. You can add color and texture to sculptural objects. You can also use plants in pots to create a natural feel.

An asymmetrical composition is another way to display your collection of art. A vintage lamp or large plant can be used as a focal point.

You can also blend your television into a gallery wall without sacrificing style or personality. Just be sure to pick out the same frames as the other pieces.

A nice tip is to buy your paintings from the same artist. This ensures that the colors in the paintings match. Then, hang them in pairs. It’s also a good idea to buy similar-sized mattes. This will tie the look together.

Finally, consider adding a piece of art to the TV stand. This can be a simple piece or a custom built-in unit that covers the television when it’s not in use.

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