How to Style a Day Bed [Helpful Guide]

Whether you’re decorating a new room or refreshing your old one, there are plenty of ways to style a day bed. The options range from simple throw blankets and pillows to decorative side tables and slipcovers.


Whether you need a new look or you just need to protect your daybed mattress, slipcovers are a great way to achieve your decor. They can come in fun patterns, as well as in different sizes to fit your daybed’s needs. Here are some tips to help you decide on which daybed cover is right for you.

You can create a relaxed beachy look by incorporating light yellows and blues. If you’re looking for more of a contemporary style, stick to white, black, and grey tones. If you’re going for a nautical look, consider navy blue or sky blue.

You can also decorate your daybed sofa with throw pillows and blankets. They can be large and can provide comfort and warmth. You can use them to cover your daybed’s sofa, as well as to add a splash of color.

Alternatively, you can choose a reversible quilt. This is a great option if you’re looking for a daybed cover for your kids’ room. It’s lightweight and easy to clean. It features three quilted shams on one side and a dust ruffle on the other. The colors blend together beautifully, making it a good choice for any room.

For a more vintage look, you can consider a rustic daybed. These beds are typically made of wood and have a simple, yet vintage look. They’re often made with a few wood chips. However, if you want a more modern look, try covering your daybed with a reversible quilt in a variety of neutral colors. It’s soft all year and will give your daybed a little personality.


Using a daybed is an excellent way to add a cozy look to any room. It’s also a great option if you have limited space. It can act as a sofa or a reclining chair. And if you want to get more creative, you can use it as a bed.

One of the most useful ways to style a day bed is with pillows. You can use varying types and sizes of pillows to create a unique look.

For example, try using large throw pillows on the long side of the daybed. These will give the bed a more rounded appearance. If you like, you can even add a blanket on top. This will add comfort and make the bed feel more like a couch.

Throw Blankets

Whether your daybed is an accent piece or the centerpiece of your room, throw blankets play a major role in your design aesthetic. The right type of blanket can add warmth, color, and style to your space.

In addition to adding visual interest to your bed, a few well-chosen throws can also enhance your comfort. Choose the blanket that is right for your room’s size and color scheme.

A chunky, white blanket is a classic and warm, and cozy option. You can also use a fleece blanket for a softer look. However, keep in mind that fleece blankets do not offer the same level of airflow as other fabrics.

Side Tables

Choosing the best side table is not always easy. With the numerous options available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. It is important to have a look around your bedroom and see what works best in your space.

For example, you may want to look at a floating table or even a bedside drawer. These items allow you to store your nighttime essentials in a convenient and tidy manner. Likewise, you can also install wall shelving for a more stylish touch.

For instance, you could choose to go with the old standby, a standard bookcase. This will leave you with plenty of room to display your favorite books. Alternatively, you could opt for a small coffee table.

It is also possible to display your trinkets on a desk, which will free up more room on the bedside table. Another option is to purchase a stool with wheels, which can double as a nifty side table. You can also find some impressive-looking side tables made from quality materials. Lastly, you might even get lucky and find nice vintage brass shaded sconces, which are great for lighting up your bedroom.

Using the right table in the right room is a surefire way to impress visitors. The most effective way to style your day bed is to create a balance between its functions. The simplest way to do this is to make sure that the table is within easy reach of your bed.

Adding A Tray On Top Of Your Ottoman

Adding a tray on top of your ottoman is a simple, yet effective way to style a day bed. It creates a solid base for displaying decor and adds another layer of character.

A mirrored glass tray, for example, is perfect for displaying decorative accessories. The patterned finish makes it look like a French flea market find. The hefty weight of the mirrored glass prevents it from becoming cluttered.

Ottoman trays come in many different shapes and colors. Choose a rectangular or square shape to achieve a more consistent look.

You can also opt for a round tray to create more space. This type of tray allows you to place several items on the ottoman.

You can also decorate your ottoman with books. This is a great way to make the space feel more inviting. You can also set out snacks or drinks on the ottoman.

You can use an odd number of books to create visual interest. Alternatively, you can leave the count at three and style your ottoman using the four-quadrant rule.

Depending on the shape of your ottoman, you can use an oval or round tray to decorate. You can also add a few decorative vases.

Adding A Coffee Table

Adding a coffee table to a day bed is an easy way to make the area more functional and add a little flair to the room. A coffee table is a great place to display some of your favorite trinkets or hold a few drinks or books.

A coffee table is also a good spot for displaying your favorite statue or bust sculpture. If you’re into plants, you’ll find that a coffee table makes a great spot for some greenery. Using a pedestal on your coffee table can help keep your plants from dangling too low.

If you have a small space, a coffee table with casters is a convenient option. You can easily move the table out of the way when you want to use the bed.

Another coffee table trick is to add an ottoman or stool. These pieces are popular and can double as a footrest or a coffee table. These tables are often accompanied by storage compartments under the top.

If you’re into color, you can add an oversized palm leaf to the coffee table. These look just as pretty dried as they do fresh.

A nice rug can help soften the area and add a splash of color. A bright patterned rug can complement the rest of the room’s layout.

Upcycling Old Products

Whether you’re looking to style a day bed or simply add something interesting to your home, upcycling old products is a great way to add new life to your home. Using upcycling to create new furniture is also an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to decorate.

A sleigh bed is a beautiful, unique piece of furniture that is ideal for upcycling. These beds feature an outward-curving headboard and footboard, making them a perfect piece of furniture to give new life to. You can disassemble the frame, clean it, and reuse parts of it. The finished product can be a stylish addition to any room in your home.

A simple coat rack can be created from an old wood plank and bent spoons. You can also use large tree branches to create a rustic-looking coat rack. You can varnish the wood with paint for a more finished look.

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